Onlinemailcampaign helps you to highlight your best-selling products, promote an ongoing sale in your store, and to tell your customers about your new launches. Our thousands of email templates give you the flexibility to create and publish emails that work for your business!


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Unlimited subscriber import: Onlinemailcampaign

Import Subscribers

Easily add subscribers via simple CSV file upload. No need to wait during uploading large CSV files, you will be notified once done.

Business email templates: Onlinemailcampaign

Design Email

Design your emails with HTML or choose from thousands of templates. You can access both source code or normal textual interface.

Schedule and Automate campaigns: Onlinemailcampaign

Schedule and Automate

Reduce your email marketing efforts. With our automated and scheduled email campaign feature, you can send even at any later time.

Real time tracking and analyzing: Onlinemailcampaign

Track and Analyze

Track every email campaign and see detailed analysis reports. Get deep details about the delivery, open rate, click, bounce and many more.

Best email marketing software for small business

Give your marketing abilities a chance to sparkle! Our Email marketing platform empowers you to have a customized discourse with every one of your clients, on any scale. Its unique features let you focus on making things appealing, effective battles that connect with the reader, while we deal with getting your messages to their inbox, perfectly.

5 Key Benefits of using OnlineMailCampaign

5 Key Benefits of using OnlineMailCampaign

Best Email Campaign Solution

  1. Unlimited subscriber imports
  2. Unlimited email campaigns
  3. Real time analysis & tracking
  4. Fixed monthly price
  5. User friendly interface
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Complete Marketing Solution

All our marketing tools for you. If you want to get all of them as a bundled pack please, contact us at

Leadscampus - Leads Solution

Leadscampus - Leads Solution

Boost your sales generation process by finding qualified leads and preparing your own lead list from our various leads and mail databases.

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The success of email marketing is tied to making every client feel special - design emails with a human touch. Customize your email from what it would seem that in your subscriber's inbox to the content they read. Rapidly and effectively tailor dynamic content to every individual email in view of factors, for example, name, address etc


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